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T. Bruce Lauber

T. bruce Lauber

Director, Center for Conservation Social Sciences

105 Fernow Hall
(607) 254-2892

Dr. Lauber is a senior research associate in the Department of Natural Resources and Center for Conservation Social Sciences (CCSS). He received his PhD from Cornell in 1996.

Research Focus

Lauber conducts research on the human dimensions of environmental and natural resource management. His current work focuses on four interrelated areas: (1) collaboration and conflict resolution in management, ranging from community-based management to collaboration between government agencies; (2) how people affect, and are affected by, invasive species and their management; (3) risk communication in fisheries and wildlife, including communication about the risks of fish consumption and the risks posed by wildlife disease; and (4) the management of Great Lakes fisheries.

Teaching Focus

Lauber teaches two upper-level courses in the Department of Natural Resources and in the Environmental Science and Sustainability Major. NTRES 3300, Planning for Environmental Conservation and Sustainability, focuses on the principles of planning as applied to environmental and natural resource issues. NTRES 4300, Environmental Policy Processes, teaches students how federal environmental policy is developed, implemented, and influenced.

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

Presentations and Activities

  • Scared Yet Compassionate? Exploring the Order Effects of Threat Versus Suffering Messages on Attitude Toward Scary Victims. International Communication Association Annual Meeting. May 2019. Washington DC.