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Suresh Sethi

Suresh Sethi

Courtesy Assistant Professor

211B Fernow Hall
(607) 255-7273

Suresh A. Sethi is a quantitative ecologist. His research aims to address information needs for resource management in aquatic and marine systems. Work in his program focuses on applied statistics and modelling, complemented with field work on aquatic and marine ecosystems ranging from tropical to subarctic environments. Requisite with the joint social-ecological complexity of natural resource systems, he maintains a research portfolio which spans both ecological and socioeconomic facets of ecosystem management.

Research Focus

Sethi’s research program integrates quantitative science + ecology + socioeconomic research to advance solutions to natural resource management problems ranging from local case studies to oceanscape scales. Research in his group encompasses four core themes: 1) Ecology and demography to support ecosystem management, 2) Understanding the response of ecosystems to anthropogenic x natural disturbance, 3) Social-ecological natural resource systems management, 4) Quantitative ecological tool development.

Outreach and Extension Focus

As Assistant Unit Leader of the NY Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, Sethi works with NY State and Federal cooperators to address fisheries management and invasive species management issues in the Great Lakes, Finger Lakes, and the Hudson River. In addition to the outreach and extension in the Northeast, Sethi collaborates with commercial fisheries participants to improve fisheries sustainability by supporting fishery assessments, gear conservation, and fisheries risk assessment and management. These efforts include fisheries ranging from Alaska, to the North Sea, to the Philippines, to the Amazon. Sethi emphasizes collaborative research between natural resource managers, resource users, and scientists. Graduate students and postdocs in his group collaborate across these stakeholder groups in the course of their work.

Teaching Focus

Sethi provides graduate instruction on conservation science and quantitative fisheries methods.

Awards and Honors

  • Faculty Fellow, Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future (2016)
  • University Fellow, Ulster University (2016)
  • Affiliate Professor, Alaska Pacific University (2013)

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

  • Smeltz, S., Sethi, S., Harris, B., & Olson, J. (2019). A seascape scale habitat model to support management of fishing impacts on benthic ecosystems. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. In press..
  • Sethi, S., Larson, W., Turnquist, K., & Isermann, D. (2019). Estimating the number of contributors to DNA mixtures provides a novel tool for ecology. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. 10:109--119.
  • Sethi, S., O'Hanley, JR,, Gerken, J., Ashline, J., & Bradley, C. (2017). High value of ecological information for river connectivity restoration. Landscape Ecology. 32:2327--2336.
  • Sethi, S. A., Carey, M., Morton, J., Guerron-Orejuela, E., Decino, R., Willette, M., Boersma, J., Jablonski, J., & Anderson, C. L. (2017). Rapid response for invasive waterweeds at the arctic invasion front: assessment of collateral impacts from herbicide treatments. Biological Conservation. 212:300--309.
  • Sethi, S. A., Linden, D., Wenburg, J., Lewis, C., Lemons, P., Fuller, A., & Hare, M. (2016). Accurate recapture identification for genetic mark--recapture studies with error-tolerant likelihood-based match calling and sample clustering. Royal Society Open Science. 3:160457.
  • Sethi, S. A., Reimer, M., & Knapp, G. (2014). Alaskan fishing community revenues and the stabilizing role of fishing portfolios. Marine Policy. 48:134--141.
  • Sethi, S. A. (2010). Risk management for fisheries. Fish and Fisheries. 11:341--365.