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Peter Smallidge

Peter Smallidge

Senior Extension Associate

219 Fernow Hall
(607) 592-3640

Peter Smallidge’s overall professional goal is to integrate extension and research in support of productive and healthy forest ecosystems in New York and the Northeast. The goal of his research is to develop and assess forest vegetation management strategies that facilitate sustainable, productive, and diverse forests. This goal is consistent with his Extension responsibility for addressing issues that affect private forestland management. Private forestlands represent 85% of the state's forests and cover approximately 45% of NY. Research and extension, together with goals of the Arnot Forest, focus on issues of: forest management impacts on landscape quality, overcoming limitations to forest regeneration, and healthy and productive sugarbushes.

Research Focus

Private forest lands and woodlots dominate the NY landscape. These woodlands are maturing. Without proper management, manipulations and natural events may reduce forest productivity and diversity. My research focus identifies and control factors that limit natural forest regeneration, provides opportunities for woodland owners and maple producers to optimize production from traditional and emerging enterprises, and ensure forest health and productivity. Special attention is given to control on interfering vegetation and the impacts of deer.

Identify, characterize and refine techniques that improve the production of high value forest products, conservation management strategies, and controls of interfering vegetation.

Outreach and Extension Focus

Smallidge’s extension program is called "ForestConnect" and focuses on 3 priority issues. (1) Increase the awareness of forest owners to the value provided by CCE for education on natural resources issues; (2) Improve the skills of forest owners for safe and productive attainment of their ownership objectives; and (3) Expand the capacity of CUCE educators to meet the needs of forest owners in their county or region.

Teaching Focus

Develop in students the ability to understand the complexity of processes and decisions necessary to sustainably manage private woodlands in New York. Build skills and competency in forest measurements, landowner interviewing, maple syrup production, forest practices, and writing a forest stewardship plan.

Awards and Honors

  • Award for service to CCE educators (2013) NY Association of County Agricultural Educators
  • National Family Forests Education Award to CUCE ForestConnect. (2013) National Woodland Owner Association and National Association of University Forestry Resources Programs (NAUFRP)
  • National Technology Transfer Award (2011) Society of American Foresters
  • Extension/Outreach Core Values Award for Individual Program Leadership (2010) Cornell University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Gold Level Award for Individual Program Leadership – ForestConnect Webinar Series. (2009) Association of Natural Resources Extension Professionals

Selected Publications


  • Chedzoy, B., & Smallidge, P. J. (2011). Silvopasturing in the Northeast: An introduction to opportunities and strategies for integrating livestock in private woodlands. p. 28 Cornell University Cooperative Extension - ForestConnect, Ithaca, NY.

Policy Reports

  • Ashton, S., Hubbard, W., Andreau, M., Drake, D., Elmore, D., Johnson, J., Norland, E., Schultz, B., Smallidge, P. J., & Smith, S. (2011). Sustaining the nationÕs forest and rangeland resources for future generations. Renewable Resources Extension Program Strategic Plan 2012 Ð 2016. p. 23 USDA NIFA, Washington, DC.

Research Reports

  • Connelly, N. A., Smallidge, P. J., Goff, G. R., & Curtis, P. D. (2010). Foresters’ perceptions of forest regeneration and possible barriers to regeneration in New York State. p. HDRU Series No. 10-2 Human Dimensions Research Unit, Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.

Technical Reports

  • Ochterski, J., Smallidge, P. J., & Ward, J. (2009). Northeastern tree planting and reforestation. p. 67 Cornell University Department of Natural Resources, Ithaca, NY.

Presentations and Activities

  • ForestConnect - forest management webinar series. ForestConnect Webinar Series. 2011. Cornell University Department of Natural Resources. Webinar, Internet Seminar.
  • First Northeastern Silvopasture Conference. November 2011. CCE Schuyler County. Watkins Glen, NY.