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Michael Farrell

Mike Farre

Extension Associate

Uihlein Forest Sugarhouse
(518) 637-7000

Dr. Michael Farrell serves as the Director of Cornell University’s Uihlein Forest, a maple syrup research and extension field station in Lake Placid, New York. There he taps approximately 6,000 maples, 700 birch trees, and several dozen black walnut and butternut trees every year, focusing his efforts on the economics of maple sugaring and sustainable development of the maple industry. He has authored dozens of articles on maple syrup production and forest management, is a featured speaker at maple producer, forestry, and agricultural conferences, and is the author of The Sugarmakers Companion: An integrated guide to producing syrup from maple, birch, and walnut trees. Michael earned his bachelor's degree in economics from Hamilton College, his master's in forestry from SUNY-ESF, and his Ph.D. in natural resources from Cornell University. He lives with his wife Andrea and their two sons in Lake Placid, NY.

Research Focus

Evaluating the growth potential of the maple industry based on ecologic, social, economic, and public policy factors.
Sugarbush health and productivity.
Birch and walnut sap and syrup production.
Genetic improvement of maples for high sap sugar concentration.
Tubing design and maintenance for optimal sap collection.

Outreach and Extension Focus

Sugarbush management for optimal health and productivity.
Cost-effective sap collection and processing technologies.
Best management practices for maple syrup production.
Economic aspects of maple syrup production.
Birch and walnut syrup production.