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Louise Buck

Louise Buck

Senior Extension Associate

116 Fernow
(607) 255-5994

The focus of Dr. Buck’s work is on facilitation of multi-stakeholder innovation to strengthen systems of natural resource management that integrate ecological conservation, agricultural production, livelihood security and institutional capacity development goals. She specializes in designing and testing analytic frameworks and instructional resources that stimulate social learning across different professional structures (disciplines, sectors, management roles) and knowledge systems (indigenous, scientific). Current applications are in integrated landscape management for people, food and nature primarily in eastern Africa.

Research Focus

Analysis of collaborative, multi-stakeholder processes in transitional pathways to integrated landscape management for building socio-ecological resilience and realizing goals for sustainable development

Outreach and Extension Focus

Facilitating regional, national and global landscape learning networks

Building cross-sectoral leadership capacities for integrated landscape management

Developing frameworks and tools to support the collaborative management of landscapes

Teaching Focus

Teaching "Special Topics" courses around graduate student interest in themes related to integrated landscape management, and oriented to producing useful knowledge products.

Design, development and use of dynamic “living case studies” to connect university classrooms with field based practitioners for practical problem-solving in complex landscapes

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

Book Chapters

  • Buck, L. E., & Scherr, S. J. (2011). Moving ecoagriculture into the mainstream. p. 15-24 State of the World, Innovations that Nourish the Planet. Danielle Nierenberg and Brian Halweil (ed.), WW Norton & Co, New York, NY.