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James Tantillo

James Tantillo


G22 Fernow Hall

Jim Tantillo has taught in the Department of Natural Resources since 2001. He teaches courses in environmental history and environmental ethics.

Research Focus

Dr. Tantillo is interested in virtue ethics and American pragmatism, and he continues to research and write in the areas of animal ethics and the philosophy and morality of hunting. More recently he has begun working in the area of climate ethics, where he is particularly interested in epistemological issues related to the use of evidence in climate debate. His research in all of these areas involves questions about the ethics of belief and epistemic responsibility.

Outreach and Extension Focus

Dr. Tantillo is a popular speaker on the topics of hunting, hunting ethics, and on the topic of the impacts of feral cats on wildlife.

Teaching Focus

Dr. Tantillo teaches undergraduate courses on environmental history and environmental ethics, and an upper division seminar on environmental philosophy and aesthetics. He has taught courses on environmental justice, logic and method in environmental debate, and on the history and philosophy of hunting.