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Randy Jackson

James Jackson

Senior Research Associate

Cornell Biological Field Station, 900 Shackelton Point Road, Bridgeport, NY 13030-9750
(315) 633-9243

Randy Jackson’s work is in the broad area of applied fisheries. His research addresses areas applicable to the management and conservation of fisheries resources and aquatic ecosystems and is conducted in close collaboration with the New York DEC. His position also serves as a primary liaison between his Department and NYDEC.

Research Focus

His research is in the area of applied fisheries ecology, including sampling, assessment and management of fish populations that support recreational fisheries.

Outreach and Extension Focus

Jackson’s outreach activities focus on relating the use of scientific data in management of fisheries to stakeholder groups, primarily anglers.

Teaching Focus

His teaching focuses on the conservation and management of fishes.

Awards and Honors

  • Robert L. Kendall Award for best paper in The Transactions of the American Fisheries Society (2018) American Fisheries Society
  • Best Student Paper (2012) New York Chapter of the American Fisheries Society

Selected Publications

Research Reports

  • Jackson, J. R., Rudstam, L. G., Brooking, T. E., VanDeValk, A. J., Holeck, K. T., Hotaling, C., & Forney, J. L. (2015). The Fisheries and Limnology of Oneida Lake 2014. p. 67 pp. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Albany, NY.