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Heidi Kretser

Heidi Kretser

Adjunct Associate Professor

Heidi Kretser incorporates tools and perspectives from the social sciences into applied conservation research, planning, practice, and decision-making. Heidi’s current projects include building constituents for conservation through creating effective communication that generates action on topics as varied as wildlife trafficking and white-nose syndrome in bats, devising strategies for reducing the impacts of private lands development and recreation on wildlife, and building collaborative approaches for increasing community and natural resource governance capacity that achieve conservation outcomes for wildlife while safeguarding human well-being across diverse constituents. Heidi is a Conservation Social Scientist with the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Global Conservation Program. She has worked with WCS in numerous capacities for over 20 years.

Presentations and Activities

  • Scared Yet Compassionate? Exploring the Order Effects of Threat Versus Suffering Messages on Attitude Toward Scary Victims. International Communication Association Annual Meeting. May 2019. Washington DC.