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Evan Cooch

Bald man with white shirt

Associate Professor

202 Fernow Hall
(607) 255-1368

I am an applied evolutionary/theoretical ecologist. My goals are to use the methods and ideas from evolutionary ecologist, in an applied context. My primary applied research is focused on a series of themes; all focused on the general question of making optimal resource management decisions under uncertainty. Each of the themes addresses one particular area of uncertainty: (i) structural (research on modeling population dynamics), (ii) observation (research on estimation of model parameters), (iii) controllability (estimation on harvest management of structured populations, from both technical and human dimensions perspective), and (iv) optimal decision theory for state-dependent management strategies. His conceptual research is directed at 2 primary questions: (i) assessment of methods for direct and indirect assessment of spatial structuring and coupling in populations, and (ii) analysis of evidence for phenotypic life-history trade-offs, using advanced statistical methodologies.

Outreach and Extension Focus

Although I do not have a formal extension outreach appointment, I firmly believe it is incumbent upon all academics - especially those employed at a land-grant institution - to engage in outreach activities whenever possible. To this end, I actively contribute to several 'online' textbooks which are freely disseminated. In addition, I have also developed, manage and moderate a very large (~1000 member) online discussion forum on the use of data from marked individuals for purposes of resource conservation and management.