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Daniel Josephson

Daniel Josephson

Research Associate

Little Moose Field Station
(315) 369-6781

Dan Josephson is a Research Associate in the Department of Natural Resources. He manages the Little Moose Field Station which is the base of operations for the Adirondack Fishery Research Program.

Research Focus

My research focuses on ecosystem processes that influence coldwater fisheries; with primary interest in native salmoinds of the Adirondack Mountain region including brook trout, lake trout, and round whitefish. My current research examines (1) the role of movements and food webs in sustaining salmonid populations; (2) the impacts of acid precipitation, climate change and non-native fish introductions on native fish populations; and (3) management practices to restore, conserve, and protect native fish populations in Adirondack waters.

Outreach and Extension Focus

My extension activities include regular communication with and presentations to the public, private lake owners, scientists and fishery managers - designed to provide current information and insights about new approaches to manage sustainable coldwater fisheries in the Adirondack Mountain region.

Selected Publications

Journal Publications