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Bernd Blossey

man with brown hair

Associate Professor

206 Fernow Hall
(607) 227-1572

Plant invasions are thought to threaten function and integrity of ecosystems and native species across the globe. Ecologically sound management of plant invasions requires significant improvements in our understanding of the ecological impacts of both plant invasions and their management. Professor Blossey approaches this field and conservation biology through an integration of his research and extension responsibilities.

Research Focus

His research addresses the following key areas: (1) How do plant invasions and their management affect native ecosystems? (2) What effects do single and combined multiple stressors (deer, earthworms and invasive plants) have on species and ecosystems? (3) How can we achieve improvements in the success of biological weed control? and (4) What determines the increased competitive ability of invasive plants?

Outreach and Extension Focus

In his extension program, Professor Blossey is guided by five main objectives: (1) Develop and implement improved assessments of deer and earthworm impacts on biological invasions and conservation of native species/ecosystems; (2) Help communities assess and then implement more successful deer management programs to reduce negative impacts; (3) Provide accessible information about the status of biological control and plant invasions; (4) improve access to the technology; and (5) develop protocols and procedures to allow citizen participation in research.

Teaching Focus

Biological invasions

Conservation Biology