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                                                     Department of Natural Resources

                                                         Spring Seminar Series 2020

                                                    Tuesdays from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm

                                                                 G24 Fernow Hall 


January 21    Karim-Aly Kassam, Associate Professor, DNR & AIP, Cornell University. A Methodology of Hope to the Challenge of Climate Change: The Role of Ecological Calendars

January 28  Louise Buck, Sr. Extension Associate, DNR  & Program Director, Eco-Agriculture Partners. Scaling-up Agroforestry to Transform Landscapes, with Examples from Ecuador and Northeast USA

February 4  Martha Welbourn-Freeman, Forest Resources Program Manager (retired), Division of Forestry, Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Anchorage, AK. Science Policy in the Face of Uncertainty: Policy Development in Alaska’s Boreal Forests

February 11  Matthew Hare, Associate Professor, DNR, Cornell University. Bringing Oysters Back to the Big Apple: This is No Picnic!

February 18  Shorna Allred, Associate Professor, DNR, Cornell University. Cultural Resilience in the Face of Globalization: Lessons from the Penan of Borneo 

February 25  February Break  No Seminar

March 3  Kimberly Bothi, Director, Global Engineering & Faculty Advisor, UD Engineers Without Borders, University of Delaware, Newark, DE. Alternative Ecosystems: Finding Purpose and Creating Impact Across

March 10  Wayne Teel, Professor, School of Integrative Sciences, James Mason University, Harrisburg, VA. Regenerating the Ecology of Place: Transformation in the Agricultural Sector

March 17   Jeffery Milder, Director of Global Programs, Rainforest Alliance & Adjunct Assistant Professor, DNR, Cornell University. Halve Deforestation by 2020? Why We Missed this Global Goal and What to Do Next

March 24  Sylvia L’Hirondelle, Tree Physiology Specialist, Forest Improvement and Research Management Branch, Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, Victoria, BC, Canada. Using Tree Physiology in the Forest: Learning about Stress and Adaptation

March 31  Spring Break  No Seminar  

April 7   Daler Kaziev, M.S. Candidate, DNR, Cornell University. Anticipating Seasonal Variability through Community Knowledge: Ecological Calendar of Life for Alai Valley of Kyrgyzstan

April 14  Xoco Shinbrot, Kira Treibergs, Pete McIntyre, & Marianne Krasny, Active Learning Initiative Team, DNR, Cornell University. Boosting Activities Learning Practices in DNR Courses Ongoing Efforts and Opportunities

April 21  Toby Holda, Ph.D. Candidate, DNR, Cornell University. Understanding Opossum Shrimp Population Dynamics in the Laurentian Great Lakes

April 28  Kanishka Singh, Ph.D. Candidate, DNR, Cornell University. Can Representing Plant Hydraulic Redistribution and Water Storage and Mixing Schemes in Hydrologic Simulation Modeling Improve Riverine Flooding Prediction?

May 5  Zhaung Hao, Ph.D. Candidate, DNR, Cornell University. Environmental Governance in Contemporary China: Civil Organizations and Environmental Public Interest Litigation