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Ash tree species on brink of extinction?

Sep 15, 2017

Forest entomologist Mark Whitmore thinks it is extreme to say ash tree species are at the bring of extinction, but they are definitely threatened. Read more 

Fernow Hall Wins AIANYS Excelsior Merit Award

Jun 19, 2017

The design team employed passive systems and numerous sustainable features that were sensitive to the building's historic quality in order to minimize energy consumption and to meet criteria for LEED Gold certification, which was achieved.

New Book: Urban Environmental Education Review

May 10, 2017

Topics in Urban Environmental Education Review range from the urban context to theoretical underpinnings, educational settings, participants, and educational approaches in urban environmental education. Chapters integrate research and practice to help aspiring and practicing environmental educators, urban planners, and other environmental leaders achieve their goals in terms of education, youth and community development, and environmental quality in cities.

Cities and the Power of Place

May 1, 2017

Richard Stedman explores our sense of place in the age of migration, global mobility, and urbanization.

Sky's the Limit

May 1, 2017

In the face of urban growth on this scale, how do we plan to feed, clothe, and provide energy and opportunities to people both inside and outside of our cities? CALS faculty, including DNR's Marianne Krasny and Keith Tidball, aim to advance innovation through civic ecology. 

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Birds, Coffee, and Natural Ecosystems

Mar 30, 2017

Amanda Rodewald studies the ecology of coffee farms and birds’ habitats in Central and South America, with an eye on preserving biodiversity.

Student holding fish

Students Survey Beetles, Piranha, Sharks for Earthwatch

Mar 16, 2017

Conservation ecologist Stephen Morreale, senior research associate and adjunct associate professor in natural resources, administers the partnership with Earthwatch on behalf of Cornell with funding from Muriel K. Horacek in honor of her late husband, Fred Horacek ’51. This is the first year of the partnership program between Cornell and Earthwatch.