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Current Students

Current Students

Anne Armstrong

PhD Student
Climate change education, civic ecology practices in areas threatened by sea level rise, online learning

Gloria Blaise

MS Student
Broadly interested in socioecological systems, community development, and environmental education in developing countries.

Sara Davis

PhD Student
Environmental impacts of roadside ditches in the Chesapeake Bay watershed

Bryant Dossman

PhD Student
My research interests lie in conservation, movement ecology, and population biology of migratory organisms, especially birds. In particular, I am interested in understanding how seasonal interactions influence population dynamics, movement, and behavior between different periods of the annual cycle.
Examining the processes of developing and implementing landscape-level conservation across complex social-ecological systems, with an emphasis on understanding the role of local stakeholders in conservation decision-making.
Bobbi Estabrook
Using passive acoustic technology to monitor African forest elephant distribution and abundance in response to anthropogenic activities

Santiago Garcia

PhD Student
My main areas of interest are focusing on sustainable forest management, deforestation & land conversion, human-wildlife conflicts, and climate change. I will be conducting spatial risk mapping in Ecuador as a tool to plan and implement human-Andean bear conflict mitigation measures.

Jim Goetz

PhD student
Intended and unintended impacts of payment for ecosystem service projects on biodiversity conservation and local livelihoods in areas with high poverty and weak governance
Civic ecology practices in coastal communities, environmental education, the political ecology of plastics, citizen science and participatory observatories for microplastic pollution in coastal zones of the North Atlantic and Mediterranean systems.

Daler Kaziev

MS Student
Daler completed his BA at American University of Central Asia, Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) majoring in the Environmental Management and Sustainability and minoring in Anthropology. His BA thesis is on community resilience and commodification of nature in Eastern Pamirs of Tajikistan since 2015. Currently, he is working on the role of Ecological Knowledge to Anticipate Climate Change in village scale, specifically in the Alai and Pamir region, with the science team of Belmont Forum funded project “Ecological Calendars and Climate Adaptation in the Pamirs”

Kirsten Kurtz

MS Student
I am investigating the northern United States tallgrass prairie region, as well as adjacent agricultural land, for an extensive suite of physical, chemical, biological and microbial soil properties. These data will be used to establish a landmark, comprehensive soil health profile for relict, natural tall grass prairies and a consequent set of targets for grassland remediation efforts. This research will also provide Midwest relict (near virgin) grassland soil data, which is scarce at best and contribute to national efforts to map the health of domestic soil. Lastly, when compared to the active agricultural land samples, these data will establish a quantifiable estimate of post-European colonization degradation of soil.

Daniel Large

PhD Student
Critical environmental policy and institutional analysis, environmental governance, science and technology studies.
Patterns of habitat use by tropical resident and migratory bird species in regenerating pasture landscapes in Guatemala

Rachael Mady

M.S. Student
I am studying bird behavior and ecology, and working as a research assistant to create an online platform for co-created citizen science centered around the Lab of Ornithology’s Bird Cams.
My research examines how framing, specifically word choice, can impact the long term conservation of a species. I'm broadly interested in overarching questions related to how humans act towards and think about non human animals, and particularly interested in categories of animals that become targeted for mass management (such as feral, non native, invasive, etc). I hope to better understand the complicated ethics behind why people make certain decisions or take certain actions in relation to these animals- and ultimately influence those decisions and actions.

Darin McNeil

PhD Student
My primary research goal is to study the ecology of rare/declining wildlife species to aid in conservation/management efforts

Sarah Naiman

MS Student
The impact individuals' perceptions of the environment, community and sense of place have on environmental behavior

Roberta Nilson

PhD Student
My research interests include environmental sociology, natural resource dependent communities, energy transitions, and social class dynamics. 

Matt Paufve

MS Student
Spawning habitat utilization by cisco in the Great Lakes and applications for cisco restoration in Lake Ontario

Santi Saypanya

PhD Student
Effectiveness of social marketing campaign on wildlife conservation in Nam Et — Phou Louey, Lao People’s Democratic Republic
I study the effect of climate change, habitat patchiness and landscape configuration over the structure and composition of Polylepis (Rosacea) bird community in Huascaran National Park and Biosphere Reserve in norther Peru.

Wade Simmons

MS Student
Ecology, biogeochemistry, and management of water chestnut. Broadly interested in biological invasions and their impacts on ecological interactions and nutrient cycling. 

Kanishka Singh

MS/PhD Student
I research computational hydrology and ecohydrology at the Soil and Water lab. Broadly, I'm interested in learning how vegetative form and function determines water budget and hydrogeochemistry, and how invasive species and land use changes transform them

Gerardo Soto

PhD Student
I study the effect of human development activities on the behavior and population structure of forest birds in the Chilean temperate forests, both in mainland and oceanic islands. For my dissertation, I investigate how the deforestation for firewood and cleaning for cattle and agriculture affects habitat use and survival of Magellanic woodpeckers. 
Conservation ecology, ornithology, GIS/remote sensing, American Indian sovereignty and environmental justice

Cat Sun

PhD Student
Estimating population abundance and genetic relatedness of New York state black bears.

Jeffrey Wall

PhD Candidate
I focus on the ethnobiological dimensions of plant genetic resource value.  I have conducted interdisciplinary research in Turkey and Azerbaijan in a context where rural smallholders and society at large are adapting to significant threats to the native chestnut species caused by imported pathogens and rural abandonment.  I strive to make contributions to ethno-landscape ecology, conservation ethics, theories of plant value and participatory mapping.  My research is best described as conservation-driven ethnobiology and cultural geography.    

Binbin Wang

PhD Student
Nutrient limitations of algal in streams and lakes. The nutrients I am interested in include: nitrogen, phosphorus, and thiamine (vitamin B1). 

Mi Yan

MS Student
I am interested in the business model of environmental education organizations.

Yueyang Yu

MS Student
My primary research interest is in roles and environmental education of campus environmental groups, especially campus environmental clubs in China.

Hao Zhuang

PhD Student
The civic role of NGO and domestic communities in responding social environmental issues;
conservation governance; community mobilization