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Current Students

Current Students

Anne Armstrong

PhD Student
Climate change education, civic ecology practices in areas threatened by sea level rise, online learning
Biodiversity offsets in Latin America – assessing existing metrics for valuing biodiversity equivalencies and developing a landscape context approach

Elizabeth Craig

PhD Student
Investigation of waterbird foraging behavior using stable isotope analysis, and diet of fish eating birds in relation to their condition and reproductive success. 

Annise Dobson

PhD student
Native and nonnative threats to forest plant communities; invasive earthworm dynamics; restoration ecology

Bryant Dossman

PhD Student
My research interests lie in conservation, movement ecology, and population biology of migratory organisms, especially birds. In particular, I am interested in understanding how seasonal interactions influence population dynamics, movement, and behavior between different periods of the annual cycle.
Examining the processes of developing and implementing landscape-level conservation across complex social-ecological systems, with an emphasis on understanding the role of local stakeholders in conservation decision-making.
Bobbi Estabrook
Using passive acoustic technology to monitor African forest elephant distribution and abundance in response to anthropogenic activities

Jen Fownes

MS Student
The relationship between the impacts or projected risks of climate change and public belief or action

Jim Goetz

PhD student
Intended and unintended impacts of payment for ecosystem service projects on biodiversity conservation and local livelihoods in areas with high poverty and weak governance

Abigail Hart

MS Student
Abby studies multi-stakeholder processes for managing land and natural resources in landscapes where agriculture and forestry are important economic activities.

Micah Ingalls

PhD Student
Coupled social-ecological systems, with an analytic focus on dynamics of power, conflict, and resilience. Environmental governance also figures prominently in my research. My work coalesces around two geographies: Lao PDR and Afghanistan.
Civic ecology practices in coastal communities, environmental education, the political ecology of plastics, citizen science and participatory observatories for microplastic pollution in coastal zones of the North Atlantic and Mediterranean systems.
Explore the interaction of energy poverty, energy security and energy sovereignty through (a) analysis of energy systems vulnerabilities at the national scale, (b) assessment of energy needs and resources of rural communities at the local scale, and (c) development of sustainable energy solutions to improve the security of energy systems and enhance livelihood opportunities of local communities in Tajikistan.

Yue Li

PhD Student
Development of professional networks to foster innovation in environmental education

Darin McNeil

PhD Student
My primary research goal is to study the ecology of rare/declining wildlife species to aid in conservation/management efforts

Sarah Naiman

MS Student
The impact individuals' perceptions of the environment, community and sense of place have on environmental behavior

Sally Nourani

MS Student
Sally is studying learning and multi-level collaborative governance around management of the emerald ash borer.

Nirav Patel

PhD Student
My doctoral research emphasizes the cognitive-behavioral perspectives specifically the role of norms that engage environmental concerns and attitudes to behavioral intent

Matt Paufve

MS Student
Spawning habitat utilization by cisco in the Great Lakes and applications for cisco restoration in Lake Ontario

Michael Roberts

MPS Student
I’m creating an educational resource for public garden education staff that incorporates recent findings from climate and science education research with the particular interests and strengths of public gardens in mind

Santi Saypanya

PhD Student
Effectiveness of social marketing campaign on wildlife conservation in Nam Et — Phou Louey, Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Wade Simmons

MS Student
Ecology and management of plant and animal invasions; ecological and biogeochemical impacts of non-native earthworms in the northeast

Gerardo Soto

PhD Student
I study the effect of human development activities on the behavior and population structure of forest birds in the Chilean temperate forests, both in mainland and oceanic islands. For my dissertation, I investigate how the deforestation for firewood and cleaning for cattle and agriculture affects habitat use and survival of Magellanic woodpeckers. 

Cat Sun

PhD Student
Estimating population abundance and genetic relatedness of New York state black bears

John Vogel

MS student
Drivers of land management and impacts of rural development on ecology of the Adirondacks and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Alec Wong

PhD Student
I am investigating the abundance, land-use patterns, and management concerns of moose in New York State's Adirondack Park

Hao Zhuang

PhD Student
The civic role of NGO and domestic communities in responding social environmental issues;
conservation governance; community mobilization