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Lilly Briggs

PhD 2016
Environmental education and sense of place among the Q'eqchi' Maya of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

Darrick Evensen

PhD 2014
Analysis of risk perceptions related to environmental hazards, with a focus on development in the Marcellus Shale

Gemara Gifford

MS 2015
Sustainable agroecosystems for bird conservation and rural communities in the Highlands of Guatemala

Amy Hetherington

PhD 2016
Impacts of climate change and invasive species on the physical, chemical, and biological dynamics of Oneida Lake

Brandon Kraft

PhD 2016
Accountability; Organizations; Institutionalism; Political Ecology; Forest Ownership/Management in Developed Economies

Laura Martin

PhD 2015
Community ecology; environmental management; history of ecology and U.S. environmental policy
Socioeconomic and ecological implications of a large-scale "working forest" easement in the Adirondacks

Christian Perry

PhD 2015
Assessing black bass population dynamics in relation to fish assemblage structure and environmental characteristics in New York lakes
Avian life history studies, conservation and outreach in the Caribbean and South America

Morgan Ruelle

PhD 2015
 Human-plant ecology of an Afromontane agricultural landscape: Diversity, knowledge, and food sovereignty in Debark, Ethiopia

Taza Schaming

PhD 2016
Impact of the decline of whitebark pine on Clark' nutcracker demography and habitat selection in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Jennifer Shirk

PhD 2014
Motivations and factors influencing scientists participation in Citizen Science endeavors.

Sam Simkin

PhD 2012
Wetland plant response to sulfate-mediated phosphate mobilization and sulfide toxicity.