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Patrick Sullivan
Patrick Sullivan, Professor and Chair

Unique among peer institutions in the United States, the breadth of disciplinary expertise in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment—from ethics and social sciences to conservation genetics and applied ecology—creates a stimulating multi-disciplinary atmosphere for students, staff, faculty and visiting scholars.  Furthermore, the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment is exceptional in its strong collaborative ties across Cornell, other universities, governmental agencies and leading environmental and conservation organizations.  Consistently ranked among the top college environmental programs in the nation, we contribute creative and impactful science and education to address many of the urgent environmental issues of the 21st century.  We provide essential information to communities, conservation and environmental professionals, and policy makers, as well as educators and researchers worldwide. 

Our students, faculty, partners and outreach program participants explore issues related to biodiversity, ecosystem integrity, climate change, and natural resources management, often in partnership with local groups, state agencies, and national and international environmental organizations.  Through diverse education, experience and research opportunities, the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment offers numerous ways for students, scientists, and citizens to be part of a vital and growing field focused on environmental science and sustainability.

Our scientific and educational reach is global.  Impacts of our scholarship are created at multiple levels with respect to solving problems of natural resource and environmental sustainability.  Our faculty, staff, students and alumni are doing extraordinary things for the wellbeing of current and future generations.  Join us in our mission to advance sustainability.

We designed this web site as a helpful gateway to information about our faculty, students and staff; the range of courses that we teach; and information about our research and extension/outreach programs.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  You can also contact Suzanne Wapner with questions about the undergraduate Environmental and Sustainability Science curriculum, or Professor Marianne Krasny or GFA Shane Hutchinson about our graduate education program.

Sincerely yours,
Patrick J. Sullivan
​Professor and Chair

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